Exposed Water Pipe Wrapping Will Prevent Frozen, Leaking Pipes This Winter

Nov 18, 2013

The list of things that homeowners need to do to prepare their homes for the harsh season of winter can seem endless. Unfortunately, there is almost always something that gets overlooked, leading to costly repairs or an uncomfortable home environment. One thing that can really help save homeowners trouble this winter is exposed water pipe wrapping. This is one of the surest ways to prevent serious problems like frozen pipes that can leak or burst, which can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage to a home.

The Consequences Of Frozen Pipes

Any homeowner who has dealt with frozen pipes before knows that the results, which range from leaks to pipe bursts, can be devastating. When water freezes into ice, its area expands, which is problematic in a confined space like a pipe. The expansion and pressure of the ice isn't always directly responsible for pipe leaks or bursts; sometimes, the increased pressure on water further down the pipe causes a leak. Regardless of the exact cause, the results can be inconvenient and costly for homeowners to deal with.

How Likely Is Pipe Freezing?

For homeowners in colder northern climates, pipe freezing is very likely if precautions aren't taken. However, it is important even for homeowners in more temperate climates to know how to prevent pipes from freezing. One unusual cold spell or exceptional storm can be enough to cause freezing and wreak havoc on a home.

Why Use Pipe Wrapping?

Many homeowners have heard of various do-it-yourself solutions for keeping pipes from freezing, from using a hair dryer to defrost pipes to leaving the warm water tap running to keeping the home environment extremely warm when temperatures outside fall below freezing. However, these methods can be inconvenient, and they are far from infallible. Installing pipe insulation, on the other hand, offers a lasting solution that only requires a one-time investment of time and effort. A professional can install pipe wrapping that will last for years, providing better protection and peace of mind for homeowners.

If your water pipes aren't currently wrapped or insulated, you can save yourself money and trouble by calling a professional. Exposed water pipe wrapping can be viewed as a very profitable investment, since it is an affordable improvement that can save you from losing a significant amount of money and time later down the road. For more information about wrapping exposed water pipes in your home, call the professionals at King Insulation at 602-272-9297 today.  

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