Exposed Air Duct Wrapping and Repair

There are some important reasons to look into exposed air duct wrapping and repair to ensure your insulation is as efficient as possible. Whether you own a large home with several areas where air ducts are exposed or you own a small condo with only a few exposed ducts, you’ll find that wrapping those ducts can dramatically reduce energy costs. Consistent attention to repairs will also improve the efficiency of your cooling and heating systems. King Insulation offers a free inspection and estimate for exposed air duct wrapping and repair in Phoenix.

Exposed Ducts Are Everywhere
In commercial buildings, air ducts are often easily visible and run right along the outside walls of a structure. It is easy to understand why those ducts would benefit from exposed air duct wrapping and repair. However, many homeowners never think about the exposed ducts in their basements, garages, and attics. Even though this ductwork is not technically located in the living areas of the home, the exposure can still reduce the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

Ductwork Exposure Can Lead to Hidden Expenses
Some experts have concluded that warm air moving through exposed air ducts can lose nearly 30% of its heat. When the ducts are being used as part of an air conditioning system, then the same may be said of the cooled air. Once the ducts are wrapped and properly insulated, this heat/cooling loss can be greatly reduced.

Properly Maintained Ductwork Will Last Longer
It is usually the case with ductwork, as with nearly any other part of your home, that when you perform the appropriate maintenance, it will last longer. Immediate repair of exposed or damaged ductwork will minimize the extent of the damage and prevent the situation from worsening over time. today for a free inspection and estimate for exposed air duct wrapping and repair in your home or simply fill out our free online form.

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