Residential Services


King Insulation provides the following energy savings applications in new and existing homes:

  1. Fiberglass, mineral fiber and cotton (denim) batt insulation;
  2. Blown in fiberglass insulation;
  3. Blown in cellulose insulation;
  4. Sprayed on foam insulation;
  5. Insulation repairs;
  6. Duct insulation, wrapping & repair;
  7. Water pipe insulation, wrapping & repair;
  8. Refrigerant line wrapping;
  9. Water heater wrapping;
  10. Solar attic fan installation;
  11. Air sealing - attic, roof and walls;
  12. Foil and spray on radiant barrier;
  13. Garage door insulation;
  14. Insulation removal;
  15. Door weatherstripping;
  16. Door, window and wall caulking;
  17. Complete home energy audits.

In new home construction, King Insulation provides a complete thermal energy envelope in accordance with local building codes, Department of Energy recommendations, local utility company recommendations and customer preferences.

Additionally, King Insulation provides complete sound insulation for ceiling as well as all interior walls including bathrooms, laundry rooms, mechanical and equipment rooms, media and theater rooms.

For the do it yourselfer, we give advice and sell you the material for less than the major retail outlets.

Residential Insulation Services from King Insulation

What are the different kinds of insulation?

If you have decided that you need new insulation in your home, you should know that King Insulation can help. We are also a new home insulation company, and we can help you decide what kind of insulation you should get. Whatever the reason you have been thinking about insulation lately, you might be wondering about the different kinds of insulation that are available. Here are the two main residential insulation services King Insulation offers:

We can insulate your home using fiberglass. Fiberglass is made with a plastic matrix and fine glass fibers. It is lightweight, inexpensive, and very strong. It lasts for a long time and is easy to place in any nook and cranny that other materials might not fit into. It is the most common kind of insulation in homes in the United States.

We can insulate your home with spray foam. Spray foam is usually made of polyurethane. There are many advantages to using spray foam insulation in Phoenix. Buildings with spray foam insulation are insulated up to 50% more than those with other types of insulation. Spray foam also helps to protect your home from moisture and the damage it can cause. And, it works well as a noise barrier.

Which kind of insulation is right for you? It can depend on a few things, such as the layout of your home, how much space is available between the layers of your walls and ceilings, and the other building materials your home is made of. The experts at King Insulation can help you decide what kind is best for you.

We also offer other residential home insulation services such as insulation repairs and removal, door weather stripping, and energy audits. Whether you have insulation problems in your old home, or you are building a new home and want the best insulation you can get, King Insulation can help.

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